Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Teaching my first public class & Assisting VI w/ Stevie @ Yoga Center Fredericksburg

So I finally did it - I taught my first public class! I couldn't sleep the night before, I stressed about it and went over my sequence all weekend and.....it went great. I couldn't have been happier. I was already a little familiar with my class as I've assisted Stephanie's class before, so that helped. But it is the most awesome feeling to be finished with a class, when everyone is kind of working hard and concentrating and focusing and maybe not a lot of smiling so it's hard to tell if they're enjoying themselves....and then at the end people thank you and tell you they liked your sequence or they feel great or whatever it is. awesome. it's awesome. it went really.

last week i went to visit some friends and my family back in fbg, and i finally made it to stevie's class! she's only teaching one class a week right now, and it's on wednesday mornings. i usually just have a hard time making it down there right in the middle of the week like that, but it worked out perfectly! stevie is the first teacher i've ever had who made yoga mean something to me. not every teacher works for everybody, and teachers speak to students differently to bring them to yoga, but stevie's teaching method and flow was definitely my door in and for that i will be forever grateful. she's also become a friend and kind of yoga mentor for me as i, too, have begun the yoga teaching journey. anyway, so i got to assist some in her class as well, which was extra cool because my mom was there! and she hasn't been able to attend any of my classes yet, and the ladies who i started out with wayyyyy back a whole year and a half ago. so it was a cool experience to get to have so close to the end of my training hours!

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