Saturday, January 7, 2012

End of the World 2012

so it's taken me the whole first week of the new year to really set some intentions for myself in the next 365 days. i think starting with the lululemon team to set goals is really what helped me get my gears in motion, so they say (do they say that?). it made clearer what it is i truly desire, and it's time to start putting those things on the top of my list - the list of priorities.

what inspired this post, i suppose is a decision i have to make on this lovely saturday morning. i made a commitment a few weeks back to start doing some volunteer work at a local animal shelter and this morning is the orientation for new volunteers. however, gioconda is also teaching a yoga class at the same time........decisions? the thing is, i feel like the choice to go to the yoga class is the selfish choice here, but it doesn't matter. if yoga is what i want to do, then i have to do it; every opportunity that arises is a chance for me further my pursuits. even if i'm not 100% clear on every bit and piece that goes along with that, or is to potentially follow, what i have to follow is my heart. what i know that i want. priorities. and my priority is yoga.

i used to watch a lot of "documentaries" on mtv about famous musicians and how they got to where they were going and what they really all had in common was one thing: sacrifice. you have to give up some things to make time for what it is you're really committed to doing. i want to volunteer at the animal shelter but i REALLY want to teach yoga. i want yoga to be a part of my every day life. i want to do so much all the time; i can't save the puppies now, but i can help later. what i need to focus on now is the goal ahead of me.

excitingly, there is a program that started up in canada and the pacific northwest called street yoga. it's a movement bringing yoga to inner city teens, and kids in shelters and foster homes like the one that i used to work at! it just seems so perfect and too good to be true.....which may be part of the problem. all of their trainings are held up north, and they have yet to move down south anywhere near texas as of yet. however, i got in contact with the communications manager over there, and not only is she excited to talk to me/work with me more on finding ways to bring street yoga to austin, but she's a UT Longhorn! i feel like the universe is completely on my side on this one, so i feel the courage and motivation to move forward in these endeavors.

look out 2012, your ass is mine.

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