Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Second Public Class & Assisting VII w/ Gioconda @ Dharma Yoga

i love assisting Gioconda's classes at Dharma because i just love the energy of her classes anyway, i love practicing at them myself, but there's a different kind of learning that occurs when assisting classes. i felt like i learned a lot, and the more people feel comfortable asking me questions the more questions i feel like i have! i wrote down a quote kind of early on in training with sam rice that said something about "be confident in what you know, but open to other possibilities." know that you know what you know, but also know that you don't know everything, in other, more complicated words. i don't have a problem asking a question because if i don't know the answer, i want to know it! i'm so lucky to have such a great community of teachers around me to help each other grow and learn.

i'm happy that the class is feeling comfortable enough with me being there from time to time to ask me questions, but i'm still in a growth period of confidence myself in that i don't feel like i have the right answer always, so i give them the one that i have that comes naturally to me, and that is probably just a fine answer, and then worry about it the entire ride home that i shouldn't have said that to them, that i should have said this other thing instead. maybe that was decrease with time. maybe not......

teaching my second public class was great because gioconda was there to give me some really helpful feedback! i'm so glad she enjoyed the class and thinks that i'm actually cut out to be a teacher! it's a relief. validation that i'm not crazy for wanting to do this makes me feel like i'm making good decisions, and i can continue on my path of learning and learning and growing and yoga and yoga and yoga. what an exciting time ahead!

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