Sunday, December 19, 2010

soul mates

it started with small things. we went out to dinner the next week with a large group of people. after 2 weeks, we already shared a friend pool. he sat at the opposite side of the table as me. by his best friend, and a girl i assumed he was involved with, considering the way she looked at him. she, at least, was involved.

but the boys i sat at the other end of the table with, my babies, and to this day 2 of the only people i have really opened up with, called cris a pussylia, and i made a face. he moved to the other side of the table to sit by me, to move away from the girl he was sitting by. he chose a side, and it was mine. i wasn't surprised. it made sense and it seemed right.

he sat in the front seat of my car on the way back to camp. we talked about drinking before the movie we planned to see. i made a crack about getting high, he was the only one who heard me. maybe i hadn't even spoke. maybe he read my mind. we bought drugs in the parking lot of a wal mart. the others went in to buy tshirts and gatorade. we stayed behind to smoke cigarettes and talk.

i played him ganja babe, my favorite michael franti song. he asked me if i had a boyfriend. i gave the shortest answer i could fashion; graduation, moving out of state, dropping out of school. i didn't ask him if he had a girlfriend. i don't regret it. i didn't want to know.

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