Monday, May 17, 2010

follow your heart and you won't get lost

i'm a college graduate! i can't believe this day has actually come, and i'm not just saying that to be cheesy and cliche. until about a week ago, i was hanging by a string, waiting for my grades back from macroeconomics. if i didn't pass that class, i wasn't graduating. and i'm not going to lie, i barely did. but i DID IT. and that's all that matters. i now have a B.A. degree in Psychology. win!

the last couple of weeks have been emotional...well, as emotional as i get. you know. i've made SO MANY new friends in the past year and, in the end, couldn't be happier. i've learned the importance of good friends, and meeting new people who change your life. i'm leaving wisconsin, maybe for the final time, with the most amazing memories and people i love who i know i can always come back to.

but now it's time for a new adventure...TO TEXAS! i'm so excited to be working at the Texas Lions Camp for disabled youth this summer as a wing leader for 9 weeks. i haven't really been to summer camp, as a camper or counselor, since high school. it will be an experience, that's for sure. if the next chapter of my life is as exciting and ridiculous as the last, i couldn't be more excited. xx

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