Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Body Types Observation w/ Iva @ BFree Yoga

So the thing I noticed most while observing the way Iva teaches to different body types, is that there are WAY more body types to teach to than just male female skinny fat which is what I was going in to this observation with the intention of learning about. However there is so much more to people's bodies than that! Of course there is men and women, who have different body types, but there's also young and old flexible people, people with good balance, people with a strong upper body/legs/core, people who are more aware of their bodies (like if their shoulders are back and their ribs are soft), bodies that are accustomed to a certain style/teacher, people who are sweaty, people who are there for the exercise vs. the practice of yoga....I could go on if I thought about it more I'm sure.

And it's so telling after watching one simple set of Surya A or B which person fits into which category, and of course most people fit into more than one category, and probably don't even realize which categories they really fit into...or maybe they do!

Another thing that was interesting to me was that men naturally have more upper body strength than women, but it impressive to say the least to see a woman who has been practicing yoga for a a while to have more grace and fluidity in her upper body strength than a man who maybe naturally is still stronger than her, but doesn't know how to harness it, or use it for his entire benefit. I watched Iva assist a man into a handstand which was beneficial for me to see. Assisting men much larger wasn't difficult for her because it's more about support than lifting. If a person can't at least attempt to kick into a handstand on their own, they're not ready to do a handstand, or so it seems. At least for the safety of the instructor....assistant...

That's it for my observations! I've learned so much by watching other people teach/practice, I'm so grateful for the experience. Super nervous to start assisting!

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