Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yoga Journaling Assignment I

Being present was our theme this week (well, last weekend and the following two weeks, of which are almost ending already!). I've noticed it being a theme or sub-theme of the yoga classes I've been attending lately as well. It seems everyone is focusing more on being right where they are and accepting it.

I just moved to Austin, what will be almost 3 weeks ago now. It feels like both a longer and shorter time ago, depending on what kind of mood I am in. Although, for the sake of staying with the theme, at the present moment it feels like an eternity ago that I moved here. It already feels like my city. However, with more to do comes more distraction and I've found that staying present here is more difficult than it was in the small town that I moved from. Not just in my yoga practice, although I have noticed that as well.

I've got two jobs now, which is great after being unemployed for almost a month! I've been overlapping trainings some, and it gets a little confusing because it's easy for me to confuse the information I'm learning at the two places. This is a time when I have found it extremely important for me to stay present where I am in those moments. I give better customer service when I'm not thinking about all of the other things I have to do when I get off of work.

The same goes for my yoga practice. The classes are so much bigger than I am used to, and it's easy for me to get distracted by looking around at all the other students. I'm not judging them or myself really, just being curious. I had a great teacher named Jenn at Yoga Yoga North, and I am hoping she'll let me observe one of her classes soon! Out of all of the studios I have gone to so far in Austin, Yoga Yoga is one of my favorite AND closest to where I live.....although I still have a lot of places to check out!

All of these options, not just with yoga studios but with everything now that I am living in the city, is great practice at staying present for me. I get so easily distracted and overwhelmed by all that i COULD or feel like I SHOULD be doing, that it is important for me to be grateful and blessed by all that I've accomplished so far, and stay present in every moment that I am given.

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