Sunday, August 7, 2011

tell the truth.

let's all be honest with ourselves for a minute.

just try.

how do you feel right now? what are you thinking about? or should i ask......who? why is it that you're thinking about that person in particular? or event? or thing that you have to get done tomorrow morning before work.......

i'm going to try to be more honest. with myself. i have no problem telling people what i think. but i am a fucking liar to myself about how i feel sometimes.


people fuck around with me a lot because i'm a very trusting person once i decide that you are worthy. the problem is, i have yet to meet one person who hasn't proved me wrong. but i refuse to give up hope that those people are out there. i'd rather be hurt a million times (and counting....) than live the rest of my life bitter and never trusting anyone.

i just want everyone else to hold themselves to the same standard that i hold them to.

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